King of Lipstick: The male model who made the Lipstick brand famous in China
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King of Lipstick: The male model who made the Lipstick brand famous in China

BEIJING: The duty regarding testing and advancing the world’s most costly lipstick in China lies with a male V-ale, as opposed to a female model, known as the “Lord of Lipstick” or “Iron Lips” for his mastery.

Lai Chiaki attempts lipsticks from the most costly brands and wins a ton of cash consequently. Lai Chinese are extremely well known on Tik Tak Devon. He is likewise exceptionally mainstream on other interpersonal organizations. The lipstick that Lai prefers and recognizes turns out to be quickly famous. That is the reason lipstick creators give unique consideration to them and they are likewise given a great deal of cash for testing.

Despite the fact that the field is for unadulterated ladies and embracing it as a vocation in a customary nation like China is a losing recommendation. Yet, Lai Chiaki has refuted the two gauges and is making a fortune. What’s more, they keep on cooperating with various organizations with an exceptional spotlight on lipstick. From the outset individuals thought Lai’s work was idiotic that he would not have the option to dazzle ladies, however now he has gotten renowned all over China and is known as the Lipstick King.

In some cases Lipstick Kings satisfy seven or eight hours and evaluate many lipsticks in a single meeting. They guarantee to have the option to do a sum of in excess of 360 lipstick tests a day. Thus, they are additionally called steel lips in light of the fact that applying such a lot of various lipsticks can make serious harm the lips.

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