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Ladakh is slipping out of India’s hands, China refuses to return

“Ladakh is slipping out of India’s hands, China refuses to return”: Military camp set up, China decides never to retreat

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk): The disputed territory of Ladakh is falling into the hands of India, China has refused to return. According to the details, China has set up its military camp within 8 km of the Line of Control, while announcing its decision not to return, saying that it is not India’s place.

Earlier, two tankers of the Indian Army have already reached the border but they are not trying to get close for fear of Chinese troops. It should also be noted that the tension between India and China

Circumstances have also made it possible for scheduled tours to be canceled. According to Indian media, a flag meeting was also held but China refused to back down and rejected India’s demands. Today, 12 days later, the world’s largest army claimant is being beaten at Ladakh.

On the other hand, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that if Pakistan had not been a nuclear power, India would have invaded by now. The world is watching the dispute between India and China over the LOC. India wants to set up air bases in the disputed area by 2022.

Talking to a private TV channel, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that if Pakistan had not been a nuclear power, India would have invaded long ago. In this regard, India’s intentions in the region are clear.

All Indian policies are becoming clear. Is affecting peace and stability in the entire region Pakistan used to complain but now there is a border dispute with China. India plans to build a road network in the disputed area, which it wants to make practical by building air bases.

This situation is not acceptable to China, so they have reacted. India and China border, then India is responsible for the dispute. The United States has made an offer to Pakistan and India on the Kashmir issue, which India refused. And outright third party intervention.

Now the United States, under pressure from India, has offered to mediate with China, but it remains to be seen whether the two countries will accept the offer. Even if India does accept it, it will be a double standard to work with China. He may accept mediation on issues that need to be resolved, but he escapes from mediation with Pakistan on the issue of Occupied Kashmir.

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