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Learn a new type of hat from Shahzad Roy

For those who are interested in reading newspapers, one has to be aware of the current situation, but singer Shehzad Roy has also shared a unique use of it for his followers after reading the newspaper.

The singer shared a stylish photo of herself on Twitter wearing a diagonal hat, but it is not a cowboy hat but a newspaper hat.

Shehzad Roy wrote in the caption “Newspaper hat”.

Although he did not elaborate on his untouchable idea, the mischievousness of his eyes and the smile on his face may have explained a lot to his followers.

Most of them linked the fabric of this tweet to politics and journalism, but Shahzad Roy’s everlasting personality was also well discussed.

One user expressed surprise at Shahzad Roy’s fitness and wrote, “Brother, what do you eat? I was in school when you sang “YRab” and you’re still the same. Technically, I should call you uncle, but I’m embarrassed to say that. “

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