Live insect pans for sale in Japan

Tokyo: Imagine a pan with a worm fluttering in the clear liquid at the top. This strange pan has been developed by a Japanese company in which live worms can be seen.

It has a living nematode (parasite) that makes this pen strange and mysterious. The pan contains the parasitic nematode Anisex, which affects fish on the one hand, and if seafood is not cooked properly, it can infect the human intestines and stomach on the other. The same nematode worm is inserted into this pan.

This worm causes severe allergies in some people and that is why no one would want to keep it close to them but this little terrorist is kept safe in this pan.

Now the buyer of the pan can see the worm floating inside for a few days. This may sound strange to us, but people in Japan also love pets, lizards, frogs and spiders. But the movements of this insect while writing can also cause a strange condition on a person.

A pen with worms is priced at 950 Japanese yen, or $ 8.70. The nematode inside it is very active for the first three to five years, after which it slows down and dies. The dead worm then remains in the water. It should be noted that the Japanese are addicted to seafood and therefore have a high rate of infection with aniseed. Severe body and stomach pains caused by Japanese parasites.

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