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Mehwish Hayat angry over the situation in Karachi after the rains

The leading actress of Pakistan film and TV industry Mehwish Hayat has expressed her anger over the poor condition of Karachi after the rains of the previous day.

On Twitter, Mehwish Hayat shared some pictures of the streets of Karachi in which it can be seen that after the rains, the roads of Shar-e-Quaid are looking like a pond, which not only affected the flow of traffic but also caused severe hardships to the citizens.

Sharing the photos, Mehwish Hayat wrote that whenever it rains in Karachi, the seventh-largest city in the world, the entire city suffers.

Mehwish Hayat wrote that after the rains of the previous day, the roads have turned into ponds in which people’s vehicles have sunk and the citizens have lost power. The actress appealed to the higher authorities to take steps to fix the Karachi system as soon as possible.

She wrote that Karachi city generates the highest income in the whole country so the citizens of Karachi should be given everything they deserve.

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