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Mohmand Dam will be completed in 2025 and Bhasha Dam in 2028


 ISLAMABAD: Chairman WAPDA (retd) Lieutenant General Muzammil Hussain has said that all the three units of Mohmand Dam will be completed in July 2025 while Bhasha Dam will be completed in July 2028.

The Supreme Court heard the case of Diya Mir Bhasha and Mohmand Dam in which the Chief Justice remarked that there would be no injustice to anyone in the dam. The land issue of Usman Khel and Burhan Khel is going on.

To which WAPDA officials replied that the contractor has started his work for the construction of Mahand Dam, there are 32 families and we do not need that land yet, we have got the land we needed in the first phase.
The Supreme Court sought details from the SBP on the amount coming into the Dams Fund from abroad. SBP officials told the court that if the dam fund is invested in the stock exchange, there will be a risk with higher profits. Where the money from the dam funds is invested, the profit is fine and so is the security.

The court said that any Pakistani wants to send money from a place where there is no Pakistani bank, to which the bank officials said that letters have been written to the embassies regarding the deposit in the dam fund. Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan said that what will happen after writing a letter, talk to someone on the phone, in which case the concerned embassies should know about the transfer of funds to Pakistan.

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