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Money also came in the name of Ahsan Iqbal through Ehsas program

The money also came in the name of PML-N leader and former interior minister Ahsan Iqbal through PM Imran Khan’s Ehsas program.

Speaking during the Senate session, PML-N leader Mushahidullah Khan questioned the transparency of the government’s Ehsas program, saying that the government says the Ehsas program is transparent, and money came in the name of Ahsan Iqbal through this program. This is the transparency of the program.

In his speech, Senator Mushahidullah Khan also criticized the steps taken by the government to control the corona virus.

Responding to Mushahidullah’s speech, Senator Shibli Faraz, Leader of the House in the Senate, said, “I pay tribute to those who fought on the front line against Corona. Corona virus is a problem not only of Pakistan but of the whole world.”

He said that by the grace of God, deaths from corona are less in Pakistan. Despite having better health system in Europe and America, deaths from corona increased but despite limited resources, Pakistan took steps against corona virus.
Talking about the Ehsas program, Shibli Faraz said that more than Rs 100 billion has been distributed so far under the program.

Shibli Faraz said that Mushahidullah says that money came in the name of Ahsan Iqbal in Ehsas program. I say through Tafnan that this name must have been brought by you because you would not leave any money anywhere.

Criticizing the opposition, Senator Shibli Faraz said that when he was asked questions, he was being targeted for political revenge.

He further said that the elites are very much mentioned that in our country they are above the law, the elites are those who go abroad for treatment when they are sick, they do not come if they call a meeting, health is Mushahidullah. Khan is also very bad but he is in the meeting, the lives of the people of the party are as important as those of the opposition leader, the elite is the class that is above the people.

He said that the opposition should tell what is its own plan for the Corona crisis? Does the opposition want a nationwide curfew? What did Sindh do about prayers and Taraweeh? Should we close mosques?

The Quaid-e-Awan in the Senate said that you do not support Imran Khan but do support the people of Pakistan, you do not support Imran Khan but let him work.

He said that he hopes that under the leadership of Imran Khan we will also get out of this crisis. Mushahidullah Khan is requested to criticize but do not look at some issues as politics, do not spread unrest among the people by saying such thing. The party itself has fallen victim to it, the enemy wants us to fall victim to sectarianism at this time.

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