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Mr. Arif Alvi Be the president of all

There was a time when the Presidency was in Karachi. Now for the last 20 years the presidency of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has been coming to Karachi but it does not have any good or bad effect on the health of Karachi.

President General Pervez Musharraf. President Asif Ali Zardari, President Mamnoon Hussain, and now President Arif Ali, today I have to address the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I know it’s Sunday. A day to meet children. But for weeks now, children and parents have been meeting daily. They are learning a lot from each other. They also see each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

The head of a country is like the father of its citizens. Like the mayor is called the Father of the City. Similarly, the president can be called Abu al-Mulk. Today I have to remind Abu of Malik that he is his son and daughter. Grandchildren Meet grandchildren.

Take time to talk. The lockdown on the nation has just started from March. The 18th Amendment was introduced in August 1973 by the President’s Lockdown, a 2009 constitution. That is why chalking was done outside the Presidency. “Release President Fazlullah.”

When the guardians of ideological frontiers open up fronts within the country to defend their ideologies, they first allow the President to remain in office. See Iskander Mirza for reference. President Fazlullah. Periods of President Rafiq Tarar. This requires constitutional continuity.

Then these defenders themselves are eager to become president. Especially before he visits a foreign country, he must become the president himself. Read the June 2001 issue for reference.

Dr. Arif Alvi President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan You belong to the city of birth and burial of the Quaid who was our father of the nation. He was also the head of the country. You are also the head of this country. It is the month of Ramadan. The countdown has begun. Muslims have never seen such Ramadan. In the first Ramadan, mosques were inhabited.

The door to the Ka’bah has not been opened yet. You yourself have gone to see the social distances in the mosques of the capital. see. Isn’t this the resurrection that in the past, in every prayer, the followers were told to join hands shoulder to shoulder, there should be no space in between. Now it is being said to keep a distance of so many feet. Know the truth that is the majority. Ordinary Pakistani. It’s very naive. Innocent like children. Whoever is the head of state, they give him the status of their elder father. He belongs to a party.

Speak a language They expect justice, equal treatment. Recently, when you made an appointment for a meeting with the Chief Minister of Sindh, all the people of Sindh, urban and rural, were to be happy, but when the news of the cancellation of this meeting came from the Presidency.

So you don’t know if anyone said no. There was great frustration in Sindh from Obaro to Manohra. The people of Sindh are not usually angry because they drink the water of the river Indus, but when they are angry at some critical juncture in history, the river Indus also floods. You are a doctor. You have been relieving the pain of the patients. You have been elected President by the Assemblies of the whole country. Not a single assembly or party.

You are the head of the entire 22 crore. You are the constitutional symbol of the country. President, solidarity in the country. Unity Is a symbol of reconciliation. If he strives for this purpose, no one will object. Just as we are serving history in the struggle of the oppressed Kashmiris only by providing moral support. In the same way, with the moral support of all parties, you can earn a good name. Can set an example for future presidents.

In the federal system, coordination between the federation and the provinces is a constitutional requirement. Political necessity too. And also indispensable for economic growth. The prime minister is the head of government. In principle, he should be the Prime Minister of all. Yet it has its own political compulsions. The president is the constitutional head. Therefore, the implementation of the constitution. You should meet everyone for the spirit of solidarity. Everyone’s grievances should be removed.

Corona code 19. One of the most dangerous is the global epidemic. Which has affected the rich and the poor from the beginning of this year. Economies are shaking. The arms of the administration are paralyzed. Uncertainty prevails. In such extraordinary circumstances, extraordinary expectations are placed on every official of the state. The effects of this epidemic will continue for the next three to four years.

You are the biggest in the country. He heads a family of 22 crores. The chief executive, however, is Prime Minister-elect Imran Khan. Constitutionally, you can do everything on their advice. But you can also provide moral support directly. When you strive for harmony between the provinces and the federation. If you make a moral effort to reduce the bitterness between the government and the opposition, then you are in fact strengthening the hands of the Prime Minister.

For the first time since World War II, the whole world is in the throes of a catastrophe. The person who is in any position. He must do what he can for the survival of mankind. Disappointment with the country. Uncertainty The atrocities. If a head of state takes some meaningful steps to end the confrontation, it will go down in history.

The president must be neutral in politics, but his neutrality can make history for the protection of the state and the unity of the nation.

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