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Nawaz, Shahbaz, two sides of a coin?

What was the purpose of Shahbaz Sharif’s sudden arrival in Pakistan? Was there really a mess in the houses of power or are we becoming more convinced of whispers and rumors?

Such questions abound, and a column covering Mr. Sohail Warraich’s face-to-face meeting with Shahbaz Sharif made it easier for those familiar with the art of interlinear comprehension.

After this column, Shahbaz Sharif himself appeared on many TV channels and presented his position in full, but instead of resolving the issue, the question became more complicated and this mystery has not been solved yet? The mystery hidden in this puzzle is not revealed because the order of the questions is not correct.

The main question is whether Nawaz and Shahbaz are really separate boatmen and passengers on different routes or they are both on the same coin and carrying two different statements because if either of them wins then this Sharif Will the family succeed? I have absolutely no interest in this internal politics of PML-N.

I have no right to doubt Shahbaz Sharif’s intentions or to say that he stabbed his elder brother in the back or tried to seize power through the back door.

However, as a journalist, it is incumbent upon me to ask a number of questions in order to clarify the truth and bring out the truth, keeping in view some facts of the past and present.

Shahbaz Sharif is absolutely right that on several occasions he was offered to come to power by betraying his elder brother Nawaz Sharif and every time he apologized. 27 years ago, on April 18, 1993, President Ghulam Ishaq Khan dissolved the National Assembly and Nawaz Sharif was sent home.
Later, the Supreme Court annulled the presidential decision and reinstated Nawaz Sharif’s government, but matters could not move forward due to differences between the Presidency and the Prime Minister’s House.

President Ghulam Ishaq Khan summoned Shahbaz Sharif and offered that if Mian Nawaz Sharif becomes the head of the party and you take over the PM’s job, things can be run better. According to Shahbaz Sharif, he refused.

21 years ago, when relations between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Army Chief General Pervez Musharraf were deteriorating, General Pervez Musharraf called Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif before leaving for Sri Lanka and suggested that it was not possible to walk with “Bhai Sahib”. But if you become the Prime Minister and remove Nawaz Sharif from power under the “minus one” formula and limit him to the party presidency, then you can move forward with a good working relationship. But Shahbaz Sharif turned down General Pervez Musharraf’s offer.

After the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif from the Supreme Court, Shahbaz Sharif was nominated as the Prime Minister but he could not become the Prime Minister “for no reason”. Shahbaz Sharif’s conversation with Sohail Warraich which he termed as a private conversation but did not call its contents wrong.

In it, he revealed that two well-known journalists came with a message to make him the Prime Minister after the 2018 general elections and their meetings with the ruling circles up to a month before the elections were finalizing the names of the cabinet.

The implication of Shahbaz Sharif’s words is that Nawaz Sharif’s statement overwhelmed the party and the ruling circles put their weight behind Imran Khan. In an interview, Shahbaz Sharif became emotional when asked about the deal and mentioned his difficulties, saying that in such a situation, there would be someone “stupid and blind of reason” who would make a deal.

It is really a coal brokerage business that has not yielded anything. Shahbaz Sharif himself was arrested, Hamza Shahbaz is in jail. The elder brother is living in exile and the niece Maryam is fasting in silence.

If this interpretation is accepted correctly that Nawaz Sharif’s statement spoiled his game, then it can also be argued that his statement of reconciliation, contrary to the resistance, weakened the party and the PML-N did not win the elections. But if you think either of these two things is true, then you are very much mistaken, because in my opinion, this half-sparrow, half-quail policy is part of the PML-N’s political strategy.

If you think that Shahbaz Sharif has done all this and he has damaged his brother’s statement by talking to the ruling circles, then it is not like that at all. You know about Islamic banking. If you go to two branches of the same bank in the same city, the staff will tell you that we pay 9% interest per annum on term deposit.

If we go to another branch, the words will be something like this, we will pay 9% profit on the annual investment, God willing, but whichever branch we deposit money in, the benefit will be to the same company. A company called PML-N has also opened two branches as part of its political strategy.

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