New brain transplant that shows words to blind people
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New brain transplant that shows words to blind people

HOUSTON: Experts have now developed an electronic implant that transmits vision signals directly to the brain, ignoring the eyes regularly. Once applied to the brain, the patch can show different words and phrases directly to the visually impaired, but it will no longer require eyes.

The patch was developed by scientists at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, which allows blind people to see different words. Details are published in the journal Cell. In detail, it uses a sensitive camera that sees the scene and transmits its information directly to the brain under electrodes. Experts have dubbed this procedure ‘Visual Prosthetic’. In which the victims of blindness will be able to see to a great extent. But for every human being, his destination is still far away.

In the early stages, blind people began to feel the edges and details of various objects as the data and details of the electrical signal passed to them. Many blind participants recognized the words well. Most volunteers said they saw the words as bright edges, as if someone had written something in the sky in the dark of night.
Under it, anyone can feel the words by the act of touching. In this way, blind people will be able to recognize the characteristics of their family members. They will be able to move around freely and touch an object with their hands and see its possible shape directly from the brain.

Electrodes have been inserted into the visual cortex of the brain to ensure the vision of the hands, but not all electrodes have been applied to all parts so far. Hopefully the next patch model will show some improvement.

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