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New videos of Saba Qamar in the name of Sushant Singh, Anam Tanoli and Roshan Farrukh

Actress Saba Qamar released her new YouTube video “When will you understand?” Named after people with mental health problems who end their lives in despair.

This is the fourth episode of the actress’s YouTube channel which is as unique as the other 3. She named the video after the suicidal Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Pakistani model Anam Tanoli, and Roshan Farrukh, a student of a private university in Lahore. All three committed suicide due to depression.

Through the video, the actress has tried to explain what are the factors that push a person into extreme despair, which leads him to the point that he ends his life with his own hands.

At the beginning of the video, Saba says, “When will we consider a human being as a human being, why do we talk about someone’s face and when there is no defect in the face, we target the biography, we consider others less and less.”

Saba clarified that people suffering from depression may look fine but internally no one can understand the mental anguish they are suffering from. One sentence, one sentence, one troll can ruin someone’s life. Why do they get involved in the personal lives of others?

The actress said that the rest of the diseases are understandable but why not depression, such people are called psycho, Malang and do not know what. I have been studying since childhood. Don’t consider anyone inferior but don’t act. Here, hatred starts from our own homes. Parents love their children and teach them to love.

At the end of the video, Saba emphasized the need to take depression and mental health issues seriously.

The video, which is six minutes and 38 seconds long, has been viewed by over 100,000 people so far.

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