Newborns recognize and like the process of copying
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Newborns recognize and like the process of copying

Sweden: When a parent or guardian imitates a newborn baby, a six-month-old baby recognizes it and even likes the process.

Experts at the University of Leaven in Sweden say that the child finds the process of copying very friendly. Similarly, if someone is copying a child, the child will look at the adult for a long time and keep smiling. And if they react in their own way instead of imitating the older child, the child pays less attention to them.

The study, published in the Public Library of Science (PLOS), explores many aspects of child psychology. For the study, scientists spent time with several six-month-old babies and showed four different reactions while playing with them.
In the first, the scientists copied the children’s impressions like a mirror, in the second process they expressed the exact opposite, in the third method they kept the face unaffected and spotted, but in the fourth process they copied the rest of the children’s physical movements. Reacted.

In the survey, the scientists noted that as soon as the child’s face and body were mimicked, the child smiled longer than the other methods and looked at the specialist with interest. This shows that children are more attracted to people who act just like them.

Experts say that by imitating the newborn baby, a strong relationship can be established with him and thus a strong relationship can be formed. Gabrielle, a professor at Leonid University, said the mothers who came with the baby were amazed to see how a small child, while copying them, immediately became acquainted with alien scientists, and she herself was amazed at the condition of her own child.

But there are other benefits to this process. On the one hand, it makes the child accustomed and happy. The child, on the other hand, begins to understand social expression and understands that his emotions are being realized.

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