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News Updates of Friday 13 March 2020 Pakistan

The fear of Corona contamination, British players decide to return

British players decide to return due to corona virus

Pariahs and players who might lean toward not to play will be allowed: PCB 

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has said that any remote players who need to leave the PSL in light of the peril of coronavirus can return. I was intended to hold the remainder of the matches in the National Stadium without circumstances (without eyewitnesses) after reports of Coronavirus cases were represented in the city to prevent further scenes. 

The boycott will not have a decisive influence on the PCB business, including additional services, administrators, the media and other ACE networks and comparable player, personal and social development of the business owners of the establishments, which have permission to enter the campaign.

As demonstrated by the PCB, the decision to hold arranges in the empty field has been considered the prosperity and security of the players, specialists, spectators, and media delegates.

Coronavirus spreads, all leave Saudi Arabia inside 72 hours, chooses to secure the nation

corona virus in Saudi Arabia

According to a private TV channel report, Saudi Arabia has informed the airlines and all countries, According to this decision, all Umrah pilgrims and visitors on a visit visa should go back to their countries… Additional flights announced by PIA will bring back Pakistani citizens from Saudi Arabia. Riyadh Saudi Arabia has decided to lock down the entire country in fear of the spread of the Coronavirus.

Also, Pakistanis residing in Saudi Arabia and Residences have been given the option to leave Saudi Arabia within 72 hours, if the country. If given, then no one will be allowed to travel or come. After this announcement, the PIA started an emergency system to bring back Pakistani Muslims.

The choice of educational institutions near the commonplace capital May 31 

schools in sindh closing

KARACHI: The Sindh government has decided to close all schools as informative about the region following the coronavirus. The summer holidays will be considered. Senator Murtaza Wahab said in a tweet, ‘The Cabinet decided that all schools across Sindh will open on June 1.’ Earlier, Education Minister Saeed Ghani had said that Sindh

Schools will open from March 16 across the country.

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