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News Updates of Thursday 09 April 2020 Pakistan

Advisor Treasurer Abdul Hafeez Shaikh

What impact does the Corona virus have on the Pakistani economy? Advisor Treasury put the details before the nation

Islamabad (NNI) Advisor Treasurer Abdul Hafeez Shaikh has said that after Corona also affects the economy of Pakistan, a global manufacturing and air transport are badly affected; Pakistan’s stock market has declined by 21% since mid-February. , The portfolio of investment decreased by 1 billion 4 billion, the value of the rupee has decreased by 3%, GDP growth will be lower in 2021. On Thursday, Finance Minister Hafiz Sheikh briefed the parliamentary committee, saying that before Corona the economy was improving and reserves were rising, inflation declines in February, and exports.

I increased by 3%. He said imports were down 18 percent, the rupee was stable and the budget deficit was down 2.3 percent, and after Corona, the economy of Pakistan was also affected. He said that globally, manufacturing and air transport were badly affected. He said that since mid-February the stock market of Pakistan has declined by 21%. He said that the portfolio of investment decreased by 1 billion 4 billion, the value of the rupee has decreased by 3%, GDP growth will be low in 2021. He said that due to Corona, exports and remittances were also reduced, the government has given a relief package of Rs 1240 billion in the current situation. The package has also been announced for the construction industry, Rs 1.5 billion has been given to NDMA, and an energy fund of Rs 100 billion has been set up. Hafeez Shaikh said that relief was given to tax on health and food items, 200 billion was being given to daily wagers and Rs 70 billion was given to petrol.

Electricity, gas and water bills

Electricity, gas and water bills waived, house fares declared incredible discount, punishment for violation

Karachi (NNI) Government Sindh has decided to waive low unit electricity and gas bills under Corona virus emergency relief ordinance. Sindh government drafted emergency relief ordinance due to corona virus, Sindh law department Sindh The draft ordinance will be sent to the governor for approval. According to the draft, the Corona Virus Emergency Relief Ordinance will be in effect throughout Sindh from 1st April. Under the ordinance, the Corona virus-affected sections will be given socioeconomic relief. Under the draft it is mandatory to deduct 20% fee on all private schools.

Yes, no private school will receive more than 80% fees, private schools will be obligated to provide 20% discount on fees to all students; private schools will not receive 20% of the reduced fees in any other mode, less According to the draft, electricity bill up to 260 units will be fully exempted while 25% discount will be given on electricity bill from 261 to 350 units, 351 to 400 units of electricity. 50% bills will be payable, the draft states that bills containing all water connections up to 80 yards will be exempt, 25% bills payable on water connections of 81 to 160 yards. 50% of bills will be payable on water connections from 161 yards to 240 yards. As per the draft, landlords will be obligated to give a full or partial discount to the tenants, no rent of less than Rs 50,000. 50% in case of rent of one lakh In case of rent of more than one lakh rent, the tenant will have to make full payment. As per the draft gas charges up to 155 units will be postponed; gas charges up to 200 units will have a 75% rebate while 300 units will have a half a discount on gas bills, but more than 300 units will have to pay gas bills. Has also announced a penalty for violating the Corona Emergency Relief Ordinance; penalties will be punished on the occasion for not giving relief under the ordinance. Failure to comply with the ordinance will result in a penalty of Rs. Sis, fees will also be discounted.

Who will be treated for Corona virus in Pakistan? The government gave great permission

Islamabad (NNI) has approved chloroquine preparations and plasma therapy for the treatment of Corona virus in Pakistan. Drug Regulatory Authority for Corona Virus Prevention on the direction of Dr. Zafar Mirza, Assistant Special Health Officer, and Prime Minister Imran Khan. (Drip) has made these important steps. Dr Zafar Mirza said that while Drip has allowed the manufacture of chloroquine raw materials locally, Drip has also conducted clinical trials of Plasma Therapy for the treatment of Corona. Allowed He said that Drip has sent to Pakistan

I have also allowed clinical trials of ventilators manufactured. According to the Prime Minister’s Assistant, the Pakistan Engineering Council’s ventilators are being tested before use. He said that more than 50 were reported by Drip. Companies have been allowed to make hand sanitizers for 3 months. Dr Zafar Mirza said that Drip issued a notification a few days ago to ensure the supply of hand sanitizer, according to the guidelines of the licensed companies WHO. Standard hand sanitizer.

Dr. Zafar Mirza

The rise in temperature has provided evidence of a low prevalence of Corona virus

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) Advisory Health claims to have the effects of temperature on the Corona virus. Talking to a private TV, Dr. Zafar Mirza said that I wish I could say how long the corona virus would last, but I can certainly say that there is evidence that temperature affects the corona virus. Zafar Mirza said that as the temperature rises, the spread of corona will decrease drastically.

A further 248 cases came out to 4322. On Thursday, the Kokandam and Control Center released the latest census, according to which the number of certified Corona virus patients has risen to 322 in the country. According to the Command and Control Center, 5 deaths and 248 new cases were reported during the 24 hours, 2737 during the 24 hours, 44896 tests were conducted in total. According to the Command and Control Center, 102 cases of Corona virus reported in capital According to the Command and Control Center, there were 212 cases reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 560 in Balochistan, 213 in Gilgit-Baltistan and 28 in Azad Kashmir, 17 in KP of 20 in Sindh. B3 Balochistan 2

President Arif Alawi

President Arif Alawi clarified the issue of wearing an N-95 mask

Islamabad (Online) President Pakistan Dr Arif Ali has said that the 95-N mask was found on a visit to China, while explaining on the social networking site on Thursday, he wrote that as a doctor abuse and loss Well aware I was using the N-95 mask that I found on a trip to China, which was worn for the second time in Pakistan. Doctor Arif Alawi made it clear that the mask cord was finally broken on the last day. Common mask at the house of Commander Noman Akram Shaheed

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