No need for vaccines now! Chinese scientist makes big announcement
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No need for vaccines now! Chinese scientist makes big announcement

Chinese scientists believe that coronavirus can be cured with medicine. The vaccine will not be needed for the outbreak. According to details, a drug is being developed in a Chinese laboratory to treat the coronavirus and the scientists who developed it say that in the event of an outbreak, the virus will be eradicated. It will be a powerful drug for you and its use will definitely kill the coronavirus.

The new species was born in December last year in Wuhan, China. The Wuhan-born virus has now spread around the world. Millions of people have fallen ill and many are in critical condition. The virus has also claimed the lives of more than 300,000 people. Preliminary drug tests have begun in the biology department at China’s prestigious Peking University.

The team of researchers developing the drug says it will be a complete medicine that will reduce the duration of the epidemic as well as save a patient from the disease in a short period of time. The drug is also being developed at Peking University’s Department of Advanced Innovation Center for Genomics. The agency’s director, Sunny Shi, told AFP about the drug.

According to Sunny Shi, the drug is currently being tested on animals. When the rats infected with the code 19 virus were given the drug, it showed very positive results in five days and the severity of the disease was significantly reduced. I have resorted to the human immune system. For this, experiments were started by taking blood samples from seven recovered patients.

A detailed report based on the initial positive results of the ongoing research of the research institute located in the Chinese capital has been published in the scientific journal Cell. Steps are being taken towards a complete cure and soon the world will be given good news in this context. Researchers are hopeful that with the use of the drug the virus inside the patient will reach its logical conclusion and this is the drug world. Will eradicate the epidemic of code 19 across the country.

According to the director of the Advanced Innovation Center for Genomics, The process of getting results from Ari’s experiments continues day and night. It was also reported that researchers at a Chinese company were developing an anti-virus drug and that it would not be an immunization. A series of clinical trials of this drug on humans has also begun. Tests of the drug are also planned in Australia and other countries.

The World Health Organization has already said that it will take another 12 to 18 months to develop a vaccine against the new strain of coronavirus. Are required. Plasma therapy is also being used in this regard. In China alone, more than 700 patients have recovered from this plasma therapy.

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