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Now is the time to tighten, selectively lock down: PM Imran Khan

LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that from now on no one will be allowed to go to public places without a mask. It’s time to crack down, stop the spread of the epidemic, find more cases, find them and then lock them down. The virus will spread in the month of July, there will be many problems.

Commenting on the situation of Corona virus with Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar and Provincial Health Minister Dr Yasmeen Rashid, the Prime Minister said that they could not lock down. The country needs smart lockdown, not lockdown.

He said that corona virus was spreading rapidly in Lahore, there was an impression that it was being locked down again in Lahore, lockdown meant shutting down the entire economy. Twenty-five percent of the population lives below the poverty line.

Continuing the talk, Imran Khan said that he had locked down on March 13, New York also locked down with us, there was bankruptcy, we also had difficulties in making a budget.

The Prime Minister said that day laborers become unemployed and cannot support their children due to lack of income, due to which the only solution in a country like ours is smart lockdown.

He said that if the country is closed, the economy is ruined. The situation is bad in India and Bangladesh as well. The longer you close the country, the more the economy is ruined. The virus will spread in the month of July, there will be many problems

Imran Khan said that if the people did not take precaution, they would face further difficulties. The country can run only when the people take responsibility. SOPs have to be followed, if not taken care of, the number of cases will spread.

The Prime Minister said that if more people in the country fell ill then we do not have more facilities in hospitals, in the past no one thought of hospitals.

He said that it has been decided that hotspots related to Corona virus (where more cases will come to light) will be found and then strict lockdown will be done there. Citizens will not be allowed to enter any place without a mask.

Referring to the SOPs, the Prime Minister said that the SOPs will be implemented through volunteers. The management of the SOPs will be implemented by the Tiger Force. Now we have to be strict. Will be closed

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