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Now the question of marriage does not arise: Sanam Marvi

Pakistani singer Sanam Marvi has denied the rumors about her third marriage, saying that there are many more problems in life, the question of a third marriage does not arise.

Singer Sanam Marvi has recently said in a video statement about her marriage that if something like this happens, you will be the first to know.

Sanam Marvi said that I will also ask Hamid Sahib’s family to have mercy on me and let me live now.

It may be recalled that Sanam Marvi, a well-known singer of Sufi poetry and folk songs, had filed for divorce from her husband Hamid Ali a few months back.

Singer Sanam Marvi awarded khula degree
Better a poor horse than no horse at all: Sanam Marvi
Singer Sanam Marvi asked her husband to divorce her
The singer had alleged in the petition that she got married to Hamid Ali in 2009 but shortly after the marriage, her husband’s attitude changed. He used to abuse and beat her in front of the children. Remained

The singer said that lying is a major cause of family ruin, she had endured her husband’s violence for 11 years but now she does not want to live with him anymore.

Later, the Lahore Family Court accepted the petition of singer Sanam Marvi and issued her khula degree.

It should be noted that the singer had her second marriage with Hamid Ali with whom she also has three children while her first marriage was with Aftab Ahmed who was killed in 2009 in Karachi.

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