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Now, up to 32 people can have a video conference on Google Duo at the same time

The global epidemic has seen a significant increase in the use of video calling apps in the wake of the Coronavirus, and WhatsApp Facebook has also increased the number of users in the app’s video calling feature.

Numerous video calling apps are working to improve the user experience, and Google also assured users that they will soon increase the number of users in Google Do video calling.

Recently, Google Doo has increased the number of users making simultaneous video calling from the company, and now 32 users can make video calling simultaneously through Google Doo.

Earlier in March, the number of users in video calling on Google Do was increased from 8 to 12.

Google Doo’s feature to increase the number of users has just been added to the web, while no announcement has been made yet about the introduction of this feature for Android users.

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