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On the criticism, Bushra Ansari deleted the comment by writing obscene words

Pakistani actress Bushra Ansari was outraged at the criticism of Lubna Faryad popularly known as Aman on social media.

In a Vlog, Lubna Faryad mocked the performance of the actors in Bushra Ansari’s play ‘Zebayesh’ on which Bushra Ansari got the edge.

The drama serial ‘Zebaish’ is a story written by Bushra Ansari in which he along with his niece Zara Noor, son-in-law Asad Siddiqui and his sister Asma Abbasi are showing the essence of acting which the viewers have already called Bushra Ansari’s ‘family drama’. Have given

In a recent episode of the drama, in the scene of her father’s death, Zara Abbasi made such shouts that several memes were created on social media.

After the scene went viral, Lubna Faryad copied Zara Abbasi’s screaming style in a V-log and also criticized recent Pakistani dramas.

Bushra Ansari got angry and reacted harshly in the comment and also used some nasty words.

She wrote that what a bad time has come for our dramas, small-minded people have started talking nonsense about the hard work and creative work of artists. What is their standard for this sector? I don’t understand why people watch such pandu style shows, it is a sin to show respect to people.

Bushra Ansari

“It’s a lousy commentary. If you don’t like drama, don’t watch it. Don’t talk like a gutter about someone’s hard work. In fact, when people don’t have anything to do, they get jealous of them.” It seems that whatever they are doing, ignorance is evident on their faces, may Allah give them wisdom and provide them with honorable sustenance, it is haraam to earn income by destroying the future of the people, these are the corona of our lives, Allah will eliminate them. God willing’.

Bushra Ansari’s comment was criticized by many users.

After that, Bushra Ansari deleted his comment but by then the screenshots of his comment had gone viral on social media.

Later, sharing the same post, Lubna Faryad wrote, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

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