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Only in Pakistan can an award be given to a person involved in harassment, Iffat Omar

KARACHI: Actress and host Iffat Omar, while announcing the award for personalities who have served the country by the government of Pakistan, said that it can only happen in Pakistan that a person allegedly involved in harassment is given the award.

Iffat Omar wrote on Twitter yesterday without naming anyone. Only in Pakistan is it possible for the government to give an award to a person allegedly involved in the harassment. She also used the hashtag “Long live Pakistan”.

Iffat Omar did not specify in her tweet who she was talking about, but her tweet went viral on social media and people speculated that Iffat Omar was talking about singer Ali Zafar.

It may be recalled that on the occasion of Independence Day, the President of Pakistan had announced to give civil awards to 184 personalities who had rendered services to the country, including the name of singer Ali Zafar.

It should be noted that two years ago today, in 2018, singer Mesha Shafi had accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment, after which there was a long legal battle between the two. Ali Zafar later claimed that Mesha Shafi could not prove his allegations, the court dismissed his case and Ali Zafar had won the case.

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