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Order to provide security to Akash Ali, who got married to a girl as a boy

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has ordered a gender medical test and protection to find out the sex of the alleged groom in the case of marriage of two girls.

A Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench heard the alleged marriage case of two Taxila girls. The bridegroom Ali Akash and the bride Neha did not appear in the court today but their lawyers appeared in the court who said that Ali Akash’s gender medical test has not been done yet.

The bride and groom moved to Lahore and have not been in touch for 10 days, police said. Ali Akash’s lawyer presented the report of his corona test in the court according to which Ali’s corona test came negative. Ali Akash has been diagnosed with typhoid and doctors have ordered him to rest for 10 days, the lawyer said.

The court directed Ali Akash to undergo gender medical on August 4 and directed MS District Hospital to set up a medical board for August 4 while CPO Rawalpindi was also directed to provide full security to the groom.

The judge said that no order can be passed without a gender medical test. If the gender test itself is negative, then there will be no need for any discussion.

The court granted the petition of the groom’s lawyers and adjourned the hearing for ten days.

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