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Our difficult time will begin in mid-May, Prime Minister

Donations of Rs. 55 crore were collected in the Prime Minister’s Ehsas Telethon.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has said that our difficult time will start from mid-May. Three to four percent of patients with other health problems may have difficulty. By next week, there could be 15,000 cases of corona virus in the country.

Speaking on the largest Ehsas Telethon in the history of the country for people infected with the corona virus, the Prime Minister said that epidemiologists were reviewing all the data and estimated that by the end of April There may be 50,000 cases but thank God the cases have not spread so fast yet. The trend seems to be that there will not be more cases of corona virus.
Simultaneously, our ability will likewise increment. Speaking on the phone, President Trump has also offered to give a vanity letter to Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said that power sector is our biggest problem. We have the opportunity to review electricity and gas contracts. Reducing electricity and gas prices will benefit the people and industries. Efforts are being made to bring down interest rates further.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said that the entire nation must fight the Corona virus together and the purpose of the telethon is to help those affected by the lockdown. The effects of the lockdown caused by the Korna virus are yet to come. This rapidly spreading virus has never come before in the world.

Talking on Telethon, Pakistan’s biggest sensation about raising funds for people infected with the corona virus, he said that it is the greatest blessing of Allah if you understand that when we give in the way of Allah. So man is never in deficit, Allah always gives you peace of mind.

He said that the rich man has nothing to do with the bank balance, the man who understands that happiness comes from Allah and comes when you spend in the way of Allah.

Pakistan’s largest telethon for corona virus infected people is underway in which Prime Minister Imran Khan is also present and a fundraiser was held for people infected with corona virus. In this telethon, Pakistanis from all over the world deposited their donations in the fund set up by Prime Minister Imran Khan. In a few hours, donations of Rs. 55 crore were raised to help in the situation caused by Corona virus in the telethon. Through these donations, the government will try to ensure the supply of rations to millions of needy people.

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