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Pakistani cricketers ready to settle English ground

Pakistani cricketers have expressed readiness to settle the English ground, while PCB chief executive Wasim Khan said that no one had refused to visit and officially showed us the availability.

Wasim Khan says that the ICC will discuss the future of the T20 World Cup on May 28. If the event is postponed, they will oppose it if the schedule conflicts with the PSL next year. However, I think October, November. It will be held in 2021.

Wasim Khan expressed these views in an interview with The Express. According to the details, the schedule of Pakistan team’s tour of England is changing due to corona virus. The series will be held in July-August. The PCB had agreed in principle to the tour. The decision was taken in confidence.

The PCB CEO says that no one has refused and everyone is ready for the tour. I made it clear to the players that if any of them do not want to go to England then we are definitely not strong. But no one has yet expressed concern over the tour. Everyone is excited for the series and has full confidence in the PCB. The English Cricket Board is making full arrangements. We have no doubt about that. Safety comes first and cricket comes second, we will do what is best for them.

Wasim Khan said that further progress regarding the tour of England would take 2 to 3 weeks, the English Cricket Board will arrange another video conference, it may happen in the first week of June.

Asked about Australian-based bowling coach Waqar Younis, he said that foreign airlines have announced the start of operations soon. When the flights start, Waqar Younis will also come to Pakistan. Will arrive in England directly from Sydney.

Wasim Khan said that the future of the scheduled Twenty20 World Cup in Australia this year is not yet known, will be discussed at the ICC board meeting on May 28, after which a decision will be taken at the meeting of the Chairman’s Committee. According to media reports, India wants to postpone the mega event for the IPL window. He said that there is a lot of speculation but until the ICC announces what will happen.

To a question, Wasim Khan said that if the organizers are looking at the February, March 2020 window for the World Cup, then the schedule will be in conflict with the PSL, in which case we will strongly oppose, but my personal opinion is that if the World Cup is postponed. It will be held on the dates of October and November next year. Asked about New Zealand’s lack of interest in the series from Pakistan, he said, “No one has contacted us in this regard.”

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