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Pakistan’s last warning brought color, Tik Tok made a big change in the app

Responding to a final notice from the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) on inappropriate content, Tik Tok said that compliance with the law was the company’s top priority.

A statement issued by the leading video sharing application TikTok in response to the final notice said that TikTok’s first priority is to keep the internal environment of the application safe and positive through compliance with the law.

According to spokesperson Tik Tok, various technologies and innovative strategies are implemented for the timely identification and revision of any inappropriate content, accounts that violate all societal values ​​are banned while users have multiple controls, Analytical services and privacy options are provided.

The statement further said that 98.2% of inappropriate videos are identified and removed before the complaint is received, more than 3,700,000 inappropriate Pakistani videos have been prevented from airing as per 2019 figures Practical dialogue with the concerned authorities is also being promoted so that the policies can be communicated.

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