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International acceptance of Pakistan’s Tiger Force

Pakistan’s Tiger Force also gained international recognition.

According to the British newspaper Telegraph, Pakistan used its greatest resources in difficult times and formed a force of young people with national spirit.

According to the Telegraph, millions of young people volunteered to join the Tiger Force. Which is also helping the police and the district administration.

The article says that Prime Minister Imran Khan says that youth are the biggest asset of the country. Special Assistant Usman Dar said that more youths than expected registered themselves in the Tiger Force.

On March 30, Prime Minister Imran Khan, while announcing the formation of a relief tiger force against Corona, had said that the tiger force volunteers would deliver food to the areas we would lockdown.

He said that faith is our greatest strength while our other strength is that Pakistan has a young population.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister also announced the creation of the Prime Minister’s Corona Relief Fund and said that there would be no question about the amount deposited in it. He said that the SBP would provide cheap loans to the companies which would not lay off their employees.

Imran Khan said that I want to tell the hoarders that people will die because of you. He further said that there is no shortage of food grains in the country, people go hungry because of hoarders.

Last month, Usman Dar, a special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, said the number of volunteers in the Corona Relief Tiger Force, which was set up to fight the coronavirus, had risen to 941,000.

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