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Patients of Yasir Hussain Corona were attacked by plasma sellers

KARACHI: Actor Yasir Hussain has slammed those selling high prices instead of donating plasma to Corona patients.

The Coronavirus, which has spread all over the world, including Pakistan, has so far claimed the lives of millions of people and no vaccine has been discovered for this deadly virus. However, the plasma of patients recovering from the coronavirus is proving to be very beneficial for infected patients and plasma therapy is improving the condition of corona patients.

After the effectiveness of plasma therapy, Dr. Tahir Shamsi, head of the National Institute of Blood Diseases, had a few days ago requested the recovering people from Corona to donate their plasma voluntarily. However, instead of donating plasma to healthy patients, the news is circulating on social media that it is being sold at exorbitant prices in black. The move has drawn strong condemnation on social media following reports of plasma sales.

Actor Yasir Hussain has also taken the sellers by surprise instead of donating plasma and said, “Did any infidel in the world sell plasma?” But here we are selling plasmas to the rest of the world who call us infidels. Why is that? God bless you.

Yasir Hussain

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