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PM Imran: INDIA is targeting muslims in name of corona

ISLAMABAD: PM Imran Khan said on Sunday that conscious and rough focusing of the Muslims in India by the Modi government to redirect the reaction over its COVID-19 arrangement is likened to what the Nazis did to Jews in Germany. In a tweet, he said this has left thousands stranded and hungry and is yet increasingly verification of the bigot Hindutva supremacist belief system of Modi government.

In the interim, the Association of Islamic Collaboration’s (OIC) human rights body denounced the “unwavering horrible Islamophobic battle in India censuring Muslims for spread of COVID-19”, the infection brought about by the novel coronavirus.

In an announcement gave on Sunday, the OIC’s Free Perpetual Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) likewise censured the “negative profiling

[of Muslims in India]

in media exposing them to separation and savagery without risk of punishment”.

The worldwide body called upon Head administrator Narendra Modi-drove government to pay heed to and “find a way to stop the developing tide of Islamophobia in India”. The Indian government should “ensure the privileges of its oppressed Muslim minority according to its commitments” under universal human rights laws, it included.

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