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Possible reasons for Sashant Singh’s suicide, what happened two hours ago?

MUMBAI: Bollywood actor Sushant Singh’s friends and eyewitnesses described what he saw a few hours before his death.

According to the details, the news of the suicide of well-known Bollywood actor Sushant Singh has saddened the fans including the showbiz industry and at the same time, his death has raised innumerable questions as to what difficulties Shashant Singh was facing. He took such a drastic step.

Police have not yet received any letter from his residence, but have found some documents which show that he was suffering from depression and was undergoing treatment. However, his close friends and employees claimed that Shant Singh had died. Has made important revelations about the last two hours and possible causes of suicide.

According to Indian media reports, the actor’s friends say that Shashant has been suffering from depression since last month and has remained silent since a week ago after he allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the house of his former manager 28-year-old Desha Salin. Seemed

Friends said that Sushant Singh woke up at 10 am on June 14 and drank juice and then went back to his room and closed the door. The actor had been silent since he woke up.

Sources close to the actor said that when an attempt was made to lift him by knocking on the door of the actor’s room, he did not open the door and the people in the flat called the key holder and informed the police.

When Shant Singh’s friends entered the room between 12:30 and 1:30 pm, they found him hanging from a trap.

Actor Sushant Singh, 34, was living in the Indian city of Mumbai where he committed suicide at home. Sushant Singh was living alone in the Bandra area of ​​Mumbai due to the lockdown. The actor showed the essence of his talents in popular films like ‘Rabita’ and ‘Kedarnath’.

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