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Protests against racism intensified in the United States

Protests against racism intensified in the United States after the death of another black man.

Two days ago, 27-year-old Richard Brooks was shot dead by police in Atlanta, following the death of black George Floyd in police custody.

According to police, they were informed that a man was sleeping in a car parked in the drive-through section of the restaurant, due to which other customers were moving around him.

Police claimed that the black man resisted arrest and allegedly tried to flee with a police teaser, during which one of the two policemen shot the black man, killing him. Gert Ruffell, the police officer who fired the shots, was fired.

In this situation, protests against racism in the United States have intensified.

Peaceful marches and protests under the Black Lives Matter were held in Los Angeles, California, USA, while in other cities, protesters also raised their voices against the mistreatment of blacks.

On the other hand, thousands of people protested against racism in London and Leeds in the United Kingdom.

Thousands took to the streets in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand, with protesters chanting anti-racist slogans.

French President Macron has said he will not seek to remove statues of controversial figures or erase history but has made it clear that there will be no compromise on racism and discrimination in France, but new decisions for equality.

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