Punishment for murder and biting, life imprisonment for a monkey in India

Kanpur: A monkey has been sentenced to life imprisonment for biting 250 people and killing one person at a zoo in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

According to media reports, the management of the zoo says that the monkey will stay behind bars for the rest of his life and will not be released. The monkey bit and injured 250 people in Mirzapur while one person was seriously injured in the monkey attack and died during treatment.

The zoo management barely caught the monkey and had been training him for three months to stop biting people, but failed and decided to keep him in captivity forever.

It should be noted that monkeys are respected in Hindu society, but monkeys not only take advantage of this, they not only attack humans across India but also steal valuables, including food and drink. Now Indian monkeys are also injuring and killing humans.

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