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Punjab government has approved “Rise Punjab” plan 2020

In the situation created due to corona virus under the chairmanship of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar. A high level meeting was held on 90th Highway on the government’s plan for the future economic growth strategy of Punjab. During the meeting, the Chief Minister referred to contesting Kovid 19

The Prime Minister discussed the vision of Pakistan and the government’s priorities for providing immediate assistance to people in distress. He said that the government has been able to control the situation by taking timely steps like lockdown and strengthening health facilities. He also commended the efforts of the Planning and Development Board in formulating this comprehensive strategy which will pave the way for public sector investment in the post-Cove 19 period. He said that he considered it as a very important strategy as it would pave the way for the next annual development plan of the province and he hoped that the Rise Punjab Strategic Framework would help in putting the economy of the province on track. The P&D Board, in collaboration with DFID’s Sub-National Governance Team, has developed a post-Cove 19 public investment strategy. The main agenda of the said strategy is not only to deal with the economic crisis after the effects of Cove 19 but also to help the vulnerable people who are the victims of this crisis. To mitigate the financial impact of this global pandemic, the Punjab government has developed a plan called “Rise Punjab” which will meet the public needs in response to the post-Cove 19 era. In this regard, the Punjab Government has effectively formulated a strategy for acceptable investment for social security and economic recovery. This is a framework for future economic development strategy for Punjab. The comprehensive framework of “Rise Punjab” focuses on six areas. These include Economic Rehabilitation and Stability, Social Security, Health, Significant Improvements in Management Capabilities, Development of Education and Human Investment and Risk Management. Chairman P&D Hamid Yaqub Sheikh addressed the meeting. He said that the priority of the Punjab government was always to stand with the people and give them full support during this global crisis. On the direction of the Punjab Chief Minister, P&D has taken necessary steps to provide relief package to the affected people. He further said that “Rise Punjab” is one of the many professionals of the government, academia, business and international partners. It is an attempt to cooperate. The plan will provide strategic direction for public investment and alignment policies and will be used during next year’s annual development plan formulation as well as approval of short-term, medium-term and long-term ongoing projects. While doing so, Secretary P&D Board Imran Sikandar Baloch briefed about the financial and economic plan after Cove 19. On the occasion, SNG Punjab team leader Usman Chaudhry said that the government was committed to mitigating the effects of Kovid 19 on the economy as well as the most vulnerable section of the society. SNG, with the help of P&D, will provide technical assistance in developing such projects which will make the lives of the affected people easier. The inaugural function was also attended by senior officers including P&D members and DFID representatives. According to the plan, an online education project will be launched in government schools. One thousand science laboratories and buildings will be constructed in government schools. 100 model schools, 2,000 classrooms will be constructed in Punjab. It has been informed that “Rise Punjab” program will be included in the next budget 2020. Food security, agricultural production, livestock will be increased. This includes promoting small and medium businesses and construction activities. Under social protection, financial assistance will be provided to the poor. Ease of Doing Business will improve the business. The procedure for tax recovery in Punjab will be simplified. A health emergency fund will be set up in Punjab. A provincial task force will be formed which will be operational 24 hours a day. 36 provincial labs will be set up in Punjab where every test will be possible. The Chief Minister’s Self-Employment Program will be introduced, micro-business will be promoted.

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