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Punjab government has decided to provide relief to the business community

The Punjab government has decided to provide relief to the business community. Shopping hours are likely to be extended in markets and bazaars across Punjab from Monday to Thursday. The working hours will be increased from 5 pm to 10 pm. Sources said that the Punjab government has started considering providing relief to the business community on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

This will enable the business community and the business community to make up for the loss of business activities. Consultations between traders and the government have been completed in this regard. Shopping hours in the bazaars and markets are expected to be extended from Monday to Thursday. Shopping hours will be extended from 5pm to 10pm. On the other hand, the Punjab government has given permission to open dozens more industries and businesses.

More than 26 industries and related businesses will be able to reopen from Monday after the lockdown is eased. The Department of Industry and Commerce has issued a new notification of exemption from lockdown. SOPs have also been issued for related industries in this regard. Industries related to defense production, packing facilities, flour mills and food industry will get full exemption from doing business.

Similarly, all industries related to poultry, feed mills, livestock and food processing will be allowed to open. Similarly, production of protective clothing, masks, gloves, storage, printing, packaging, milk and milk products, trays, soaps, tissue papers, oil and gas production companies, Pak-Arab refinery company, fertilizer factories. Companies manufacturing transportation, storage, tractors, threshers, harvesters, seed, fertilizer, pesticides, fodder shops have been allowed to operate.

LPG outlets, soda ash industry also got permission. Mobile phone manufacturing companies, brick kilns, sand and gravel, cement, roofing factories will also open from today and the bicycle, motorcycle, car industry has also been opened. The government has also given permission to open transport but the transporters have refused to drive since yesterday. They will not drive until our demands are met.

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