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Restriction on inter-city transport will remain in place: Sindh Transport Minister

Sindh Transport Minister Owais Shah has said that the ban on inter-city transport will remain in place till further notice.

Taking notice of non-compliance of SOPs of Intrasty Transporters, Transport Minister Owais Shah said that all elected representatives of Sindh are appealed to implement SOPs in their areas.

Owais Shah says that action is being taken against the transporters where they are not following the SOP.

He said that unless everyone works together, it will be difficult to implement SOPs. Complaints are coming from many quarters that transporters are not following SOPs.

The provincial transport minister said that the people are requested to follow the SOP, wear masks and maintain social distance.

He said that the ban on inter-city transport would remain in force and action was being taken against the violators.

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