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Riots in US, Trump declares left-wing group Intifa a ‘terrorist

US President Donald Trump has blamed the left-wing group Intifa for the violent protests that erupted after the death of a black man.

Riots and riots have been raging in various states for the past six days following the killing of a black man by a white police officer in Minneapolis, the capital of the US state of Minnesota, and curfews have been imposed in various cities to control the situation. Has gone

The US president declared Intifa a terrorist organization and accused the leftist group of hijacking peaceful protests.

Protests erupt in US over black man’s death, curfew imposed in 6 states

According to the foreign news agency, the Intifa group was formed against the far-right racism.

President Trump said that if the mayor of Minneapolis had banned Intifa on the first day, everything would have been fine.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, on the other hand, visited the anti-racism protest site and reached Wilmington, Delaware, where the protest took place last night.

“We are a troubled nation, but we must not be destroyed by it,” Biden said.

Speaking to the affected Black Farm family, Joe Biden said, “If I become president, I will help lead the conversation. I will listen to you as I am listening to you here today.”

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