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Rumors turned into reality, Mahira Khan confessed love

Superstar actress Mahira Khan was quoted in May 2019 as saying that she got engaged to a close friend during a wedding party in Turkey.

After the news of the engagement went viral, the actress had rejected him and said that he was not engaged, but at the same time, he jokingly said that he wished the rumors would turn into reality.

The actress later revealed in an interview with Samina Pirzada in April this year that she had fallen in love but did not reveal the name of the person she had fallen in love with.

The actress had made it clear that the person she fell in love with did not belong to Showbiz.

However, she has now admitted that she is in love with a man named Saleem and intends to get married in the future.

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In an interview with renowned fashion designer Hassan Shehryar Yaseen (HSY) on Instagram, Mahra Khan admitted that the person she fell in love with was named Saleem.

During the interview, HSY took the initiative and asked the actress if she knew that Mahira Khan had fallen in love with Saleem, to which the actress started laughing shyly.

Host HSY also apologized for naming Saleem, but later asked the actress what she thought when she saw him, to which the actress shyly said that seeing him It seems that they have received it in return for some of their good deeds.

In response to a question about marriage, the actress said that marriage is a very good relationship and of course she intends to do so in the future but she has no such intention immediately.

Mahira Khan admitted in an interview that her first marriage in the past had taken place in a hurry.

Although Mahira Khan admitted during the interview that she loves Saleem, she did not elaborate on her relationship with him.

The actress also talked about her career in the interview — Photo: Instagram
The man whom Mahira Khan confessed to falling in love with is the same person about whom rumors of her engagement went viral in May 2019.

The initial news of Mahira Khan and Saleem Karim’s engagement was given by the Indian newspaper India Today, which claimed that the actress had simply got engaged in Turkey.

After the news of Mahira Khan and Saleem Karim’s engagement and love went viral, the actor’s spokesperson denied their engagement while talking to Dawn Images. However, in August 2019, he said in a funny way in actor Ahsan Khan’s TV program. I wish those rumors came true.

After the rumors, in April this year, Mahira Khan admitted in Samina Pirzada’s program that she had fallen in love, but she did not reveal the name of the person she fell in love with.

But now he has confessed that he loves her, naming the man Saleem.

Although the actress did not say how long she has been in a relationship with Saleem Karim, it is believed that the two have been in a relationship for the past two years, but nothing can be said for sure.

It may be recalled that Mahira Khan was first married to Ali Aksari in 2007 and they also have a son Azlan.

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