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Sehar Shinwari embarrassing allegations


The contract for the drama was signed on PTV but the next day the producer said that he would have to sleep with me first. The embarrassing allegations of the well-known actress, the name of the producer was also revealed.

¬†¬†ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) – Leading actress Sehar Shinwari has alleged that her contract was terminated due to non-fulfillment of the producer’s wishes. In a message on social networking site Twitter, the actress said that a producer named Rumi working in PTV had tried to harass her.¬†


The offer was terminated due to non-acceptance of the offer. The actress has revealed that she was initially contracted on the basis of talent, but later the contract was terminated the very next day because she was a producer. The actress further wrote on her official Twitter account, “I know how talented people were promoted during the PML-N and PPP era, now At least they are earning from halal sources.

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