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Selena Gomez admits to depression at the onset of the epidemic

New York: American singer and actress Selena Gomez admitted to suffering from depression during Corona.

According to media reports, in a conversation with Dr. Vivek Morthi, the 28-year-old singer discussed the power of loneliness and human communication and said that this year has been challenging for her, in the early days of the epidemic, I could not understand it properly and in a way Went into depression. Selena Gomez talks about effective and healthy ways to overcome and deal with it.

The actress said that now that she is out of depression and has taken steps to eradicate the disease which was necessary to deal with it, Selena said that she used to spend most of her time in the barracks during quarantine.

Selena Gomez added that everyone knows that she is very keen on food and drink. When asked about her career on various occasions, her only answer was that if she were not an actor, she would be a chef.

She said that he did not take any training in cooking, he spent most of his time in the kitchen during the lock down, due to which he became somewhat proficient in cooking. It should be noted that in a video shared by Selena, she has also shown the mistakes made during cooking to her fans.

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