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Self-cooking oven by scanning recipe

Cooking in every home is a daily challenge. To solve this problem, a smart oven has been developed that scans the ingredients of the food and its cooking recipe and prepares the food itself.

Named the Towala Smart Oven, it comes with a fresh food voucher. Thanks to this, delicious and healthy food can be easily prepared at home. This oven is becoming increasingly popular, especially in lockdown environments.

This is no less than a blessing for those who are keen on good food but have a hard time cooking. It’s connected to Wi-Fi and an app has been developed. To do this, take the delivery card and a card that comes with the raw ingredients to the oven and scan it, the data of which will be read by the oven. Then add all the ingredients and put it in it and sit comfortably because the oven is your obedient cook. Most dishes take barely 20 minutes to prepare.

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