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Serious allegations against Fawad Hassan Fawad’s brother

Serious allegations against Fawad Hassan Fawad’s brother, NAB launches investigation

ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has launched an investigation against Malik Faraz, brother of former principal secretary Fawad Hassan Fawad and director of CDA Housing Societies, for selling plots of land on the Sawan River and constructing plots.

Has given The accused bought and sold plots on more than 300 kanals of land inside the Sawan River and also carried out constructions on them. The whole game was designed to benefit the River Garden Housing Society. Former Principal Secretary Fawad Hassan Fawad behind River Garden

The younger brother allegedly blocked the river directly from Malik Faraz. According to details, NAB officials have launched an investigation into the crime of encroaching on the Suwan River and occupying more than 300 kanals of its land and constructing it inside the river.

Although the main character of this big scandal is the younger brother of former principal secretary Fawad Hassan Fawad, the real mastermind of this corruption is Malik Faraz who has been holding the post of director housing societies of CDA for many years. Federal Capital In this mega scandal against Malik Faraz, who provided umbrella to more than 100 illegal housing societies, undeniable documents have been provided to NAB.

Documents provided to the NAB said that Malik Faraz, the CDA’s director of housing societies, deliberately took over the land on the Sawan River and then allegedly received his share. It was revealed by the petitioners that on the one hand, illegal plotting was done by occupying the land of Sawan river and on the other hand, it was also a disaster for the citizens who bought the plot as the monsoon rains flooded the area.

The arrival of trains has created the possibility of a major catastrophe in the vicinity of the Sawan River. According to credible sources, the CDA has formally informed the NAB about the co-crime director. Meanwhile, it is learned that NAB officials are also trying to find out what was the direct role of Fawad Hassan Fawad in this corruption. And in what form did they benefit from it? Interestingly, Malik Faraz also supports illegal housing societies established in the federal capital and also provides protection to illegal activities in legal housing societies.

According to CDA sources, changes in the master plan of cooperative housing societies were also made with the blessings of Malik Faraz and citizens lost billions of rupees.

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