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Shahid Afridi’s statement about Tik Tok disappointed Hareem Shah

Tik Tok star Hareem Shah said that he did not expect that Shahid Afridi would justify the closure of Tik Tok.

Former national team captain Shahid Afridi’s statement that the ban on short video sharing app ‘Tik Tok’ was justified was expressed by Tik Tok star Hareem Shah.

“I am a big fan of Shahid Afridi, I did not expect him to justify the closure of Tik Tok,” Hareem Shah, popularly known as Tik Tok, told private TV.
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Hareem Shah further said that it would have been fine if Shahid Afridi had said that obscenity should be eradicated from Tik Tok, but Shahid Afridi should not have said that stopping Tik Tok was the right decision. Hareem Shah said that ban on anything Installing is not the answer.

It should be noted that after the ban on video sharing app ‘Tik Tok’ was banned in Pakistan, Shahid Afridi had justified it, however, some other actors including Hareem Shah had made statements against it and appealed to the government to complete the app. The ban should not be imposed, but the controversial content should be removed after it is removed.

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