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Shahruz Sabzwari replaced the treasury with a garbage can

Karachi: Model Sadaf Kanwal and actor Shahrooz Sabzwari have been under severe criticism on all social media platforms since yesterday.

Model Sadaf Kanwal and actor Shahrooz Sabzwai, who tied the knot yesterday, have been criticized by users on all social media platforms.
As soon as the photos were posted by both of them, both of them became a top trend where Shahrukh Sabzwari’s first wife Saira Yousaf is being highly praised for her decision to separate while Sadaf Kanwal and Shahrukh Sabzwari are being criticized.

One user wrote that this is the first marriage in the world in which there are less congratulations and more curses while one user wrote that Shahruz Sabzwari has chosen garbage instead of treasure.

It was also written by various users that God save everyone from people who destroy each other’s homes.

On the other hand, many artists praised Saira Yusuf for her decision to separate and called her the queen and said that she deserves a better person than Shahrooz Sabzwari.

Saira and Shahrooz were married in 2012 and have a 6-year-old daughter, Noor.

The divorce between the two took place 2 months ago and the reason for their separation on social media was being attributed to model and actress Sadaf Kanwal and people said that the relationship between Shahrooz and Sadaf Kanwal caused the separation between Saira and Shahrooz. Shahruz Sabzwari had vehemently denied the rumors and said that there was no relationship between him and Sadaf.

In this regard, actor Shahrooz Sabzwari said that no one has the right to say anything about Sadaf because I met him only a month ago and those who spread false news should apologize because without confirmation. Talking about it is a sin.

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