Armeena Khan

Shaniera Akram blocked instead of deleting tweet , Actress Armeena Khan

Former cricketer Wasim Akram’s wife Shanira Akram and actress Armina Khan took to social media. The actress alleged that Shanira criticized her and when she was asked to remove the statement, she blocked it.

The feud between the two celebrities started when Armina Khan shared a post on social media about her fear of lizards.

A tweet was made by Armeena Khan in which she also posted a picture of a lizard and wrote that I did not want to be associated with it.

On Armeena Khan’s post, Shanira wrote sarcastically that she did not understand that Pakistanis have gone through a period of terrorism, epidemics, natural disasters, political unrest, famine, and poverty and yet with a little lizard so much Are afraid.

In another tweet, Shanira said that the lizard is our friend and it protects us from dengue and malaria mosquitoes by eating them, so don’t hate it.

Armeena Khan wrote in reply that her phobia was being mocked and she was being told what to do.

She asked Shaniera Akram to delete the tweet and later Armina tweeted another and said that Shaneera has blocked him instead of deleting the tweet.

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