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Showing women bold and nude on screen is not art, it is humiliation, Hamza Ali Abbasi

Well known actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has said that showing women bold and nude on screen is not an art but humiliation of women.

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, who rose to fame with the drama “Pyarey Afzal”, also showed the essence of acting in films and made a name for himself in modeling. He is also famous for his statements and political comments on social media.

Although Hamza Ali Abbasi announced his departure from the showbiz world shortly after his marriage a year ago, he dedicated his life to preaching Islam, but recently hinted at a return to showbiz. However, his religion and patriotism Will appear in projects related to

Hamza Ali Abbasi said that in films and dramas women are shown in item songs or semi-nude roles and some call it art while in my view showing women like this is not art but ridicule of women. He had said the same thing in a program four days ago.

Earlier, in a statement, Hamza Ali Abbasi had lashed out at the supporters of the item song, saying that the Ertugrul drama has raised the flag of popularity all over the world without any item song. He is also optimistic about the success of his upcoming film Mula Jutt.

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