Still a respite!
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Still a respite!

The day the husband committed suicide, we were hungry for 5 days, the children started fasting with water, then Nazir ate poison pills, these are the words of Amna Bibi, Amna Bibi of Kot Addu Tehsil, Muzaffargarh District, Nazir’s widow Seeing the Nazir children breaking their fast with water, their courage was answered.

In the local lab of Nazir Kot Addu while Amna was working in different houses, Corona came, both of them lost their jobs, lockdown, unemployment, famine, home situation, sometimes fasting with water, sometimes breaking with water. But when the children broke their fast with water for the fifth day in a row, Nazir lost, the father lost.

He committed suicide Malik, how did this Muslim, starvation in a house for 5 days, the matter reached to suicide, no one knew.

Here I am reminded of Wahidullah, the son of Nematullah of Rawalpindi, whose father Nematullah was driven insane by poverty and unemployment, who one day killed his wife Asmeen Bibi and committed suicide, mother, father’s corpses The son of Nimatullah, standing alone, was saying, “What kind of world is this, when mother and father were alive, we knocked on every door for help, no one helped, now mother and father are gone, everyone is saying If nothing is needed, what kind of world, the bodies of mother and father are lying at home and we do not have money for shrouds and graves.

Here I remember the unemployed father of Sarjani Town area of ​​Rawalpindi, whose children when he told him for the third time that Baba we are hungry, bring bread then Baba went out under the pretext of taking bread and committed suicide, he Shamshad Bibi, a mother of five from Baghbanpura, whose husband Abdul Hameed has been ill for many years, was working in different houses and raising children.

One day when the landlord asked for rent and said, “If you don’t pay the rent by tomorrow, vacate the house.” That evening Shamshad Begum put a noose around her neck and swayed with a fan. Here I remembered Bushra Begum of Lahore. Fed up with poverty and unemployment, he jumped in front of a moving train with two children and died.

You will be surprised to hear that not only 3,000 hungry and naked people have committed suicide in the last 3 years due to poverty and unemployment, but also hundreds of poor people in Multan, Gujranwala and Lahore have been forced to sell their children due to poverty. Of

I often wonder, where is all this happening, in an Islamic country, in a Muslim country, wonder, wonder, what kind of Islamic republic is this, how are we Muslims, on the one hand 5% dogs, cats eating provincial food, living in air conditioned environment On the other hand, hungry naked people are committing forced suicides at the hands of hungry people.

I often think, how insensitive, ruthless, oppressive society is, someone dies poor, someone commits suicide by starving naked, a half-day light commotion, then everything is normal, whenever a Nazir dies, a half day, formal actions, Government, public tussle, drama and then long silence, to this day, on the death of a Nazir, this society, nation, government did not do that the next Nazir did not die, never did anything so that the children of a Nazir did not go hungry, Fasting with water does not have to be broken.

Hazrat Ali’s statement “Society can live with disbelief, not with oppression” Here is oppression step by step, often think, why our rulers did not have the fear of God, why did they forget that one day they will die, a Appearing in the court on the day where opinion is equal to goodness, even an atom of evil will be accounted for, where no lie, fraud, cunning, forgery will take place.

Where there is no recommendation, slip, relationship, mediation, awakening, money will not work, often think, what will they do there, what will they say in their defense, often think, where lies, cunning will not work, there are liars, cunning Will do

Most of the thoughts, who ate the bread of Nazir’s children, in whose stomach the sustenance of Nimatullah’s share went, who consumed Shamshad Bibi’s share, who is responsible for the hunger of Bushra Begum’s children, 3,000 suicides in 3 years Who is the reason, why parents are forced to sell their children, this society, this nation, this ruler, or we are all responsible for all this, I often think, if on the Day of Judgment we are asked if your stomach, account They were full and Nazir around you was starving, committing suicide, why.

If we were asked that your refrigerators were full of things, your handkerchiefs were decorated and Nazir’s children were fasting and opening with water on your side, why, I don’t think we have any answers to these questions. Yes, but yes, we have time to correct our mistakes, to avoid these questions.

How can they please Allah, they are like that, from today onwards, let us decide to look around us, not to let the children of any Nazir go hungry, not to let any Nazir die, any blessing of Allah, Shamshad Bibi, Don’t let Bushra Begum commit suicide, friends! On Eid-ul-Fitr, look around.

Someone Nazir whose children need Eid, new clothes, someone Shamshad Bibi whose house is a renter, someone Bushra Begum, Nimatullah who needs rations, come! Atone for your sins, come on! maybe Allah Forgive Him.

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