Stranger friends Like the dove, the sea began to send messages

FLORIDA: The way pigeons send messages miles away is now obsolete, replaced by the postal service and the Internet, but the recent sea-based messaging between two stranger girls has taken everyone by surprise.

Claims of crossing the seven seas in friendship and love are often seen in dramas and movies. The sea is still considered a metaphor for separation, which becomes a gulf between two hearts, but this does not always happen. Sometimes it even causes two strangers to join.

Two-eleven-year-old girls, strangers to each other, became friends through the same sea. Florida resident Sofia Wilson went to the beach with her family during the code lockdown. Sarah wrote on one page expressing her heartfelt feelings about the current situation and put it in a bottle and threw it into the sea.

The message in the bottle floated on the waves of the ocean for two weeks and reached another family 700 miles away on a picnic, which was accidentally opened by an 11-year-old girl, Sarah Walter, and read the message, including Sarah Wilson’s e-mail address.

Due to Sarah’s electronic address, the two got in touch and then started talking from time to time. In a short time, a friendship was established between the two and now the family of the two is scheduled to visit each other after the epidemic.

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