Strong and durable ‘artificial’ crunchy bone for the knee

North Carolina: As a result of an accident, illness, or old age, many people develop chronic pain in their knees, which causes them constant pain. Now American experts have invented a solution to this problem in the form of artificial cartilage which has proved to be very strong, flexible, and durable during the initial tests.

It should be noted that the knee joint has a special kind of smooth and elastic tissue which is not a bone in the true sense but still, it is called ‘crunchy bone’ and ‘chubby bone’. The greasy bone makes it easy to bend the knees and it is not difficult to walk, get up and sit down.

However, with an accident, illness, or aging, the grease and elasticity of this crunchy bone are reduced, making it extremely difficult and painful for the affected person to walk and get up and sit down.

Artificial crunchy bone has been created by Duke University experts from a new type of hydrogel that uses three different types of polymer materials. Made from a combination of three polymers, this synthetic crunchy bone has the same flexibility, strength, and durability as natural bone, while it is also very lightweight.

During the initial experiments, he easily withstood the pressure of 100 pounds. Besides, it was pulled and stretched a million times, while it was rubbed with a natural gritty bone about a million times. Even after such a severe test, it remained in good condition and was not harmed.

A report published in a recent issue of the research journal “Advanced Functional Materials” suggests that after initial laboratory tests, the artificial skeleton will be tested in animals. If it succeeds in animals, then human trials will begin.

If all these steps are taken properly, then in three to four years this curved bone will be available for the use of doctors in knee surgery.

Remember that there are still artificial knee bones for knees, but they are very heavy and very low in flexibility and durability. In the event of a breakthrough, this artificial hydrogen bone would be a better alternative.

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