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Student commits suicide after missing online class

A ninth grader committed suicide after missing an online class.

According to Indian media, the incident took place in a village in the state of Kerala where the student missed an online class due to lack of television and smartphone at home and set herself on fire.

According to Indian media, 14-year-old Devika had been missing since noon and her burnt body was found in an empty house in her neighborhood while a leaflet was also found in the girl’s room which said only “I am leaving”.

The girl’s father said he was a daily wage employee and had not been able to work for some time due to ill health.

According to Indian media, the girl’s father said that his daughter was very frustrated because she did not take online classes. She had asked him several times to fix the TV to take online classes but due to lack of money. The television didn’t work and we didn’t have a smartphone.

On the other hand, the state education minister has ordered an inquiry into the student’s death.

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