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Sushant Singh Rajput last tearful Instagram post and pre-suicide story

MUMBAI: Rising Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput ended his seemingly successful and bright life by hanging from a fan in his room and new development has emerged in this regard today.

According to Indian media, the post-mortem report of the late actor stated that the cause of death was suffocation due to suffocation. The police commissioner has also received anti-depressant drugs and prescriptions from a psychiatrist at Sushant Singh Rajput house, based on which it has been decided to interrogate the doctor as well.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s last rites were performed today in the presence of a large number of fellow actors, directors, and filmmakers. Sushant Singh’s creative manager, who lived in his house due to the lockdown, told police that Sushant Singh was suffering from depression but had been on medication for several days.

Sushant Singh’s, who played the role of Indian captain in MS Dhoni’s biopic, woke up at 6 am on the day of his suicide and locked himself in his room after drinking pomegranate juice at 9 am. At half-past eleven the butler knocked on the door to ask for lunch but got no answer.

The employees of the house thought that Sushant Singh was sleeping so they went back to their rooms. At 2 pm, Sushant Singh’s’s managers knocked on the door again but when they did not get an answer, they called Sushant Singh’s sister who lived nearby. When the key maker opened the door, he found a body hanging from the Sushant Singh fan.

The well-known actor made his last post on Instagram a week ago in which he shared a collage photo of himself and his mother and gave a very sad caption, “The blurred past is evaporating with tears.” ۔ The unfinished dream is twisting an arc of smiles and Omar is reluctant to try to negotiate between the two.

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