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Sushant Singh’s death, Bollywood’s social media divided on nepotism

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s young suicide in India has sparked a controversy. This debate has divided Bollywood into two parts and the debate continues that there are apparently two tents in Bollywood, ‘outside’ and ‘inside’.

Many users have blamed the spread of kinship in Bollywood for Sushant Singh’s suicide while some have termed it as a ‘blame game’. Many have termed Sushant’s death as murder, including Sushant Singh’s uncle and Pappu Yadav, head of the Bihar regional party Jan Adhikar Party, who has demanded a CBI probe.

So, since yesterday, various hashtags have been trending on social media about him, including ‘Justice for Sushant Singh’, ‘Nepotism in Bollywood’, ‘Karan Johar’, Kangana Ranaut, ‘Khan and Karan Johar’. ‘Boycott Karan Johar Gang Movie’, ‘Boycott Fake Stars’, and ‘Salman Khan’ was important.

Actress Kangana Ranaut, in an Instagram post after Sushant Singh’s suicide, said that her deeds were not appreciated by Bollywood and her art was not acknowledged.

Referring to the Stanford Scholarship, he said: ‘He was a rank holder. How could their minds be weak? If you look at his last few posts, he is clearly grumbling, ‘Look at my movies, I don’t have a godfather. I will be kicked out of the industry.

He added: ‘His talent for the film has not been recognized. He did not get an award for films like ‘Kedarnath’, ‘Chhachhore’, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story and films like ‘Gali Boa’ took all the awards.


His statement sparked a heated debate on social media and the issue of nepotism resurfaced in Bollywood as Kangana Ranaut had accused him of nepotism in Karan Johar’s own show several years ago. Johar also responded in his own way in different places.

A user named Dr. Circastic S posted Kangana’s statement on social media: ‘Thank you Kangana Ranaut for standing up against nepotism leader Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt, even Sonam Kapoor. He gave all the awards to Gali Boa and Harsh Vardhan Kapoor for New Actor while Vicky Koshal did his best in Masan.




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