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T20 World Cup Postpone

The official declaration of the delay of the T20 World Cup will be made one week from now

Arrangements are finished to delay the T20 World Cup, which will be authoritatively declared one week from now.

The mega-event is scheduled for September-October this year. The government of the host country, Australia, has announced that the borders will be closed until mid-September due to the corona virus.

An official familiar with the matter said that even if the flights started, it would be important to see what would happen to the 16 teams participating in the event in their respective countries at that time. It seems very difficult to make arrangements, there is a strong possibility that the T20 World Cup will be postponed.
The ICC teleconference will be attended by board officials from all member countries, after which a formal announcement will be made to postpone the mega event anytime between May 26 and 28.

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